Welcome to Our Sacred Space

Our Sacred Space is a platform for Classical and Folk Art, Environmental Work, Inner Work and Wellness.

Vision – To make a space that nurtures creative expression, wellness, inclusion, and environmental consciousness. This evolves into an inner awareness that builds community and transcends borders.

Mission – Our Sacred Space supports an individual’s personal evolution through interdisciplinary processes: dance, yoga, natural living, pottery, permaculture, music, art, craft, theatre, and inner work that leads to personal transformation resulting in social action. Our Sacred Space offers an interface for teachers, practitioners, and learners!

Our Story

Our Sacred Space was started by Ms. Nayantara Nandakumar on Vijaya Dashami 2012. Our endeavour has been to make:-

  • Art & Wellness accessible to the community
  • Create awareness about sustainability and organic living.
  • A vital element of our work has been to renew and reinforce our connection with nature.

Now, we have regular classes, workshops, and events every weekend that have been supported by our community who are always eager to learn!

Our Sacred Space
Picture by Mr. Yogesh Potdar

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