What one should know about Yoga

What should everyone know about Yoga

What one should know about Yoga? Yoga is a means to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. Just as over the years it has become a common practice to exercise the body to stay in shape, so similarly, yoga practice strengthens both body and mind.

Facts That One Should Know About Yoga

Yoga practice gives more than just the benefit of a physical workout. Here are some important things you should know about yoga.


When we do the asanas of yoga, we are toning not just our arms and legs but also stimulating our immune system. This will help our body to fight infection.

There are Limitless Methods of YOGA

There are many disciplines which have come into being down the ages. For e.g. Hatha yoga which consists of both yoga asanas and pranayama works on both body and mind.

Some of the asanas are more strenuous whereas others are gentler. So, one should work at finding asanas that one can do comfortably as well as others that are challenging. This way one is not competing with any class but trying to improve oneself. The mind improved by three very obvious methods. Firstly, when doing pranayama the higher oxygenation of the blood stimulates the brain. The act of concentrating on the asanas also stimulates the brain. Then finally the downward poses also increase the blood flow to the brain.

YOGA is not only for Losing Weight

It’s a strange fact that many who are overweight are able to succeed in doing the asanas. Though some people who do yoga may lose weight, weight loss is probably due to a change in attitude to life and resulting change in quantity and quality of diet. The physical movement of doing the asanas gives one a rush of feel-good sensations.

YOGA is not only about Flexibility

Many newbies intimidated by yoga because they feel they aren’t flexible. However, the reality is that repeated exercise increases flexibility. For someone planning to start yoga, there is no need to feel inferior to other advanced practitioners of yoga in the class. In yoga, as in every other walk of life, it is important to understand that each one of us is unique and we have to make the best use of our time and effort on our individual journey. As practice continues down the weeks one will able to appreciate the progress made and satisfied with the improvement. A little secret: I couldn’t achieve the king cobra pose until three years after I began yoga. Unfortunately, I still can’t do a Headstand. However, I love my body, I appreciate it and I’m grateful for all that I am able to do.

What should everyone know about Yoga?

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