What are the Benefits of Yoga for kids?

What are the Benefits of Yoga for kids

Our kids are always busy in their own world. They get pressure from parents as well as teachers. They have a lot of lessons to learn at school. At the same time, they have to manage extracurricular activities such as arts and sports too. All these make them tiring and exhausted. So, in order to get them out of these worries, Yoga can definitely help. The benefits of yoga for kids include an increase in concentration, strength, and self-confidence. It will also enable a positive attitude. It has the power to fight against a number of diseases.

5 Ways in which Yoga benefit kids

  1. Breath awareness: Breathing exercises which generally practiced in yoga, help kids to more focused and relaxed. So as focus increases, their breathing, as well as their lung capacity, also increases. Thus, breathing exercises will act as a stress buster for them.
  2. Balance of Body and Mind: There are various balancing poses that help to increase their attention. Some kids struggle due to attention challenges. These poses enable them to evoke their mind and body and stimulate attention and concentration
  3. Improves memory: Yoga demands focus on our body, mind, and breath. While doing it, kids try to concentrate more on themselves and in the tasks they are doing. This translates to their daily life too. So, they will start focusing more on their studies which in turn improves their academic performance.
  4. Improves social relationships: Unlike elders, kids yoga involves various songs, games, etc.. which they do with each other. There are partner poses too, where they practice and learn together. This interaction builds self-confidence as well as empathy for each other. This transforms further. The benefits of yoga for kids include a positive social relationship with everyone.
  5. Promotes Inclusivity: Yoga very well promoted in schools because of its inclusivity. Kids practice it in a group. There, they least bothered about competition and winning. They continuously try to be the best version of themselves. This helps those kids who struggle in competitive environments.
What are the Benefits of Yoga for kids?

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