What is Kriya Yoga?

What is Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga means the “Yoga of Action”. We can see a small description of kriya yoga in the Yoga Sutras of Pathanjali. It is a type of yoga wherein, the energy of life, “Prana” is balanced. This, in turn, helps in healing our body as well as our mind. Thus, it eventually leads us to self-realization. Lahiri Mahasaya revived this ancient system of yoga under the guidance of his guru Mahavatar Babaji. Babaji was a great Siddha. He overcame all the ordinary limitations of humans. His work behind the scenes helped in the evolution of spirituality in humans. We came to know about his existence from the classic “Autobiography of a Yogi”.It was written by Paramahansa Yogananda, one of India’s greatest yogis.

Kriya Yoga can only be learned under an experienced trainer. Similarly, we should practice it with a calm and relaxed mind. It is the only yoga style that directly awakens the energy in the spine. It has the power to improve our awareness and self-will which in turn helps us to grow spiritually.
Here are the 5 important steps in the practice of kriya yoga:

  1. Nabhi Kriya
  2. Spinal Breathing
  3. Maha Mudra
  4. Yoni Mudra
  5. 3rd eye Meditation

Benefits of Kriya Yoga

  • Reduces Blood Pressure: It is of huge help for those who are struggling with high blood pressure.
  • Cures Depression: The breathing exercises practiced in kriya yoga increases self-confidence. Thus it stimulates the mind in a positive manner and cures depression.
  • Improves concentration: It enhances memory power and makes people more focused. Thus, the learning capacity also increases.
  • Reduces Stress: It drives the mind in a positive direction and eliminates negative thoughts. So, it makes our mind peaceful and reduces stress.
  • Improves our social life: It teaches people to become more empathetic and compassionate towards others. This reflects in the social life.

What is Kriya Yoga?

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