What Is Kalaripayattu And Its History

What Is Kalaripayattu And Its History

Kalaripayattu a historical psycho-physiological discipline that emanates from the unique mythological-historical heritage of Kerala. Eventually, regarded as the ancient form of physical training in human history. Kalari’s earliest mention dated directly to the Dhanur Vedic texts from 3000 BC. Additionally, Vishnu Purana identifies Kalari as one of eighteen areas of knowledge.


Around the turn of the 6th century A.D., Daruma Bodhidarma-an Indian Buddhist monk. Who was able to train the samurai monks in kung-fu. And also, master of Kalaripayattu-spread martial arts from Southern India to China. The martial arts have spread from China to Korea & Japan. Kalaripayattu derived from the phrase Kalari. It meaning “location, threshold or battlefield” and payattu — meaning “training in weapons or practice”.

Additionally, in the early, it achieved glory during the 100-year battle between the Cholas, Cheras, and Pandyas. The warring states refined the prevailing combat skills and knowledge in the area into a form of martial art. The art flourished between the 13th and 16th centuries and became part of youth education. In Kerala, it was a social process to send all young people over seven to study Kalari.

Kalaripayattu influence other art forms

First, Kalaripayattu has had a significant impact on the development of many theatrical and dance forms of Kerala. But, most notably Kathakali and speaking fear. Under Kalari masters, Kathakali students expected to learn to improve various skills. Such as agility, stamina, and martial actions in their performances. Kalari people contend that Bodhi Dharma was in fact a Kalari master.

After the fall of the principalities and the emergence of free India-Kalaripayattu fallen out of favor mortal combat. Fortunately, Kalaripayattu defied the slow and sad drop in popularity with success. Now Kalaripayattu has a convincing wider audience, and her fame and glory have won hearts everywhere.

Finally, Kalaripayattu is arising today in a Phoenix-like resurrection in a new avatar. An ancient form of art-a a source of hope for self-expression in dance. It can forms-both classic and new, in theatre, in wellness and also in films.

What Is Kalaripayattu And Its History

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