Which is the best yoga mat and why?

Which is the best yoga mat and why

Flowing into a deep cobra pose is hard when the yoga mat keeps sliding from under you. You may want to spend in a moisture-wicking, thick yoga mat. And also, to get the most out with your next asanas class. But, with so many mats on the sector, knowing which one to select can be daunting. Nearly every form of yoga has a yoga mat.

Best Heavy Duty: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Get the Manduka Pro, if you need a super resilient mat. While it isn’t perfect for a hot yoga class, it’s nice for your home practice or an unheated flow. The mat has great knee support due to its 6 mm thickness. This mat offers exactly what you’re asking for for for people who just want to stop sweat penetration. And also, it has residual odor. It also made with environmentally certified sustainable PVC and is free of contaminants such as phthalate.

Best for Hot Yoga: The Aurorae Synergy

You know that in a hot yoga session, whether it’s Bikram style or heated vinyasa flow, you will sweat. This means that you need a mat that will provide a non-slip surface. Your best choice is the Aurorae Synergy 2-in-1, as its top surface is a non-slip. And also, a hyper-absorbent microfiber towel attached to a 5 mm thick yoga pad. The more you sweat, the more gripper the mat becomes. It helps to focus on your long holds, flows, and reversals without danger of falling and harming. When you combine your training between hot and semi-heated lessons, you can easily turn over the mat to use.

Best Eco-Friendly: Jade Harmony

This 4.8 mm yoga mat is Jade’s most famous mat. It provides outstanding traction and just enough stability while still being incredibly thin. Another significant feature is hold. It absorbs moisture because of the open-cell design of the mat, so you can keep it from drifting all over the place.

It’s not quite as permeable as hot yoga mats, but the brand’s thick cotton yoga towel sits comfortably and will hold well if you’re sweating a little. Jade products take a different level of eco-friendliness. The mats made a sustainable way with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees, a resource that can be quickly renewed. They created in the U.S., and also comply with all U.S. environmental, labor, and consumer rights laws. On top of that, Jade plants a tree for each mat sold!

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